Friday, January 2, 2009

Learning to share in Kg

I went to Michaels yesterday to buy a Martha Stewart Circle Cutter, which they were out of.
But I did, of course, find some other goodies. When in line putting my items on the counter, the woman behind me joined the conversation I was having with the clerk. She asked me if I had one of the 50% off coupons...   Unfortunately not.  So she told me that I could get one in the Sunday paper or online.  She then did a very nice thing - this is where the learning to share in kindergarten part comes in -  she gave me her coupon because it would help me save $12, so I gave her $5 to help her with what her 50% would have been, so I still came out $7 ahead...
I thought is was so nice, I am glad I chat with people and others like to share.  My kids, of course, think I am crazy...  just like I thought my mom was.  

So I am going to go to and sign up to get a weekly coupon for one 50% off item, I invite you to do the same.